Saturday, March 17, 2018

Hux Ashton Chance

The morning after he was born, we finally took a decent photo. Boy do we look exhausted! 
Wow, it is almost 2 weeks after Hux was born and I am just opening my laptop to attempt to write this post. I don't even know where to start, but I will and hopefully it won't be too long, but you may want to grab some drinks or snacks. :) Edit: it has now been over a month and I FINALLY finishing this post! Oh and here is Charlotte's birth story, which is a drastically different story!

We had a regular OB check on Tuesday, February 13th. I went to MOPS that morning, got my car washed, did a little work and then met Kyle at my doctor's office. I had plans to meet my broker to grab a check and then drive to Toro Park to show a house, but Hux and my doctor had other plans. They took my blood pressure and it was a little high and within the range of pre-eclampsia range (140/90-- I don't think I'll ever forget these numbers). I also was having weekly ultrasounds to monitor my amniotic fluid. Normal range is 5-25, and mine was reading at 26, which is considered polyhydramnios. I was super relived when  I had the ultrasound to know that my fluid level had gone done to 22. Awesome! I was in the clear! I went into the exam room and my doctor drops the bomb that I need to go to the hospital for blood work and for a NST. Um, what? No, I have a house to show and I have bunco tonight. This can't be happening. I really was in shock. He assured me it was just for monitoring and if all checked out, I could go home.

So, Kyle and I drove together to the hospital. On the way there, I couldn't believe that this may be IT! When we arrived to the hospital, I was a little panicky. The nurses were slow to react to us because we weren't an emergency. They got us settled into a room and started monitoring my blood pressure every 10 minutes. Of course, I was super nervous so it was super high. The nurse covered up the monitor so I couldn't see the numbers and I just tried to relax. They took a urine sample and also drew blood (my favorite). Little did I know that I would have blood draws EVERY 6 hours for the next week. Hence the bruises ALL OVER my arms. My labs came back with protein in my urine and my blood pressure continued to be high. Kyle went home to gather our bags (which were not packed) and pick Charlotte up from school. Meanwhile my doctor came to the hospital and gave me the news, I would not be leaving and it was time to induce. I cried. This is not how I had thought this would go at all. Especially after my birth experience with Charlotte. I fought hard and one of my nurses played mediator between my doctor and I while Kyle was on speakerphone. At this point, it was a safety concern for my health and for the baby's. So, with that, we started the Cervadil to start to induce labor, which before that even started, I was having some mild contractions.

Kyle got back to the hospital after dropping Charlotte off at her friend's house. Our friends the Crowells were seriously lifesavers in helping us with Charlotte. We are forever grateful of their help with her. Kyle brought back dinner and we just waited. My doctor had mentioned that the induction could take up to 3 days. Wow! Again, not what I planned. It got pretty late and it was just hard for me to sleep. I was so anxious and didn't know what was to come and then of course, in the back of my head I was just praying I wouldn't have to have a c-section. I was woken up all night by nurses and labs, but finally got a longer stretch of sleep around 2am.

Morning came and I couldn't wait to see my progress from the Cervadil. The contractions had continued, but nothing too painful. At 9am, the Cervadil had been in for 12 hours. It was time to check my progress. Well, I was completely disappointed to find out that the nurse couldn't even reach my cervix. So, we awaited my doctor to see what was next. While we waited, we watched Titanic from beginning to end (5 hours with commercials on TV). My lunch arrived and we were still awaiting my doctor and the next thing I knew, in walked my mom and sister! Wow, I was so surprised. They booked tickets the night before and flew out first thing in the morning. It was so great to see them and totally lifted my spirits. My doctor came and checked me and I was 1-2cm. So excited! Now, when I got to the hospital with Charlotte I was already 5cm, so you can see how different this labor was going.

Laboring and get ready for the big day!
At this point, we also got to switch rooms, which was also a wonderful thing. The room we were in didn't have a window and was super tiny. So we were very happy with the upgrade! We got all of our stuff moved over and realized it was probably time to get Charlotte from school. My mom, sister and Kyle left to go surprise her at school and I tried to get some rest. The Parkland School shooting was unfolding and all over the news. So sad. I had started feeling stronger contractions and the monitor was showing them between 2-5 minutes apart. I texted our doula, Krista, that maybe it was time for her to come up to the hospital. Shortly after that, my contractions literally stopped. It was so frustrating. She came and brought me a birth ball and hung out for a bit, then headed back home so we could both get some rest. Kyle returned to the hospital, we ate dinner, Facetime'd Char and just waited... I got checked again at 9pm, after another 12 hour round of Cervadil. I was just 2 cm dilated. I was so frustrated. I decided to get in the shower to refresh and relieve some of the pain. Then I bounced on the ball and Kyle and I walked the halls. Kyle was a great coach and helped with the contractions. We would stop at this world map on one of the walls and talk about places we've been to try and take my mind off of the contractions. Around 10:30pm, we decided to call Krista back up to the hospital. This allowed Kyle to get a short break while Krista kept me company and walked the halls with me. Once I would stop walking, the contractions would subside or get further apart. I was really tired at this point and something had to give. I was going on over 24 hours of not really sleeping. I don't recall the time, but I think it was 1am or 2am where I had a breakdown and my nurse, doctor and I decided it was time to start Pitocin, which for me, meant it was time to get an epidural. I hadn't had Pitocin before and really didn't want to have to experience it without some type of pain meds. At this point, my labor literally felt like a bad dream that just wouldn't end. The birth of our son just seemed SO far away.

The anesthesiologist came in and began to prep for my epidural. I was so nervous and just began to cry. He asked me if I wanted to get the epidural and of course I did, I was just a wreck. After prepping my back and placing the plastic wrap on my back, it was time. Thankfully, it was not as bad as I thought it would be and similar to my experience with Charlotte, except this time, it worked and my pain was relieved! I got a catheter and then the nurse and Kyle moved me onto my back and I tried to get comfortable and get some rest. This was challenging as the nurses and lab techs were constantly coming in to draw blood and check vitals. Kyle, Krista and I all got some rest and the next thing we knew it was morning and I was 5.5cm! Finally some progress!

My mom and sister came back up to the hospital and we just hung out and waited for progress, especially for my water to break. I was diagnosed with polyhdramnios ( high amniotic fluid) towards the end of my pregnancy which also meant weekly ultrasounds to look at the fluid. At my appt. on Tuesday, the AFI was finally down within normal range, but I was warned that when my water broke, it would be a lot! Around 11am, I started to prep for delivery! I freshened up, put on some makeup and brushed my hair. I was going on almost 12 hours of being in the bed and was getting a little bored. At this point, I also couldn't eat, but was able to have water. I was checked again and at 7cm. We talked about breaking my water, but needed my doctor so waited for him to get to the hospital. But, that wouldn't  be necessary because it broke on its own! My belly practically went flat! Yes, there was alot of fluid. My doctor arrived shortly after and this is where my labor started to take a turn. At this point I was 8-9 and almost ready to push, but Baby Hux had other plans. His heart started to decelerate with every contraction. Electrodes were placed inside of me and on his head to get a better reading of his heart. Then they put an oxygen max on me. I started to cry. I was so nervous. My doctor placed another set of electrodes on his head and after more decelerations determined that the cord must be wrapped around the baby's neck. He said let's wait for one more contraction, but I declined, I didn't want to wait any longer. The next thing I knew, they were wheeling me out for an emergency c-section.

Oxygen mask on, not sure what was happening at this point, but Hux's heart was beginning to drop.
The next few hours are such a blur. Kyle got suited up and I was taken into the OR. It was cold and bright and there were at least 20 people rushing around. They moved me to the table and put my arms out like a T. At this point, Hux's heart rate was down to 60. The same anesthesiologist came in who did my epidural. My OB pinched my stomach and asked if I could feel him doing that and I could. At this point, I'm pretty sure I was lifting my back/butt off the table because I was so scared and didn't want to feel them slicing me open. The anesthesiologist gave me more pain meds and my OB called for Kyle to come in. The next 3 minutes are some that I don't ever want to have to re-live and I will spare the details of what it felt like to get the baby out. One thing I will say is that his head was already engaged into the birth canal, which meant one of the nurses had to go inside to push his head back up the other way! I didn't feel it, but she told me that later. All was made better when we heard Hux crying. I could see absolutely nothing, but Kyle saw him being taken over to the warmer. He was OK!  Kyle went over to check on him and the process of sewing me back up started.

7lbs 2oz, the same weight as big sister Charlotte!
After a quick check, Kyle and a nurse brought the baby over to me. The blue drape was so far in my face there wasn't even a spot to put the baby on my chest. I saw his face and tried to kiss him and then they left and went into the nursery. We didn't even get a picture. Kyle said goodbye to me and planned to see me in about 20 minutes...but, my body had other plans.

As I laid on the table and felt them sewing me up, I remember asking one of the anesthesiologists how much longer it would be. He said about 15 minutes. He asked if I wanted something to relax. Yes, that would be great!  He put a nose cannula on me and gave me what I think was fentanyl. But, right before that, I threw up. Throwing up bile while on your back is really not fun. Thankfully I was able to turn my head and get it into a basin. I remember hearing the doctors and nurses ask if they got all of the placenta out and that is really the last thing I remember.

Hux was born at 3:29pm. Once I got the fentanyl, I don't remember anything until I woke up at 7:00pm in the PACU. The first thing I asked Kyle was, "Do I still have my uterus?".

So, what exactly happened? Well here is a recap of what happened during those 3.5 hours once I fell asleep. As they were stitching me back up, my uterus continued to bleed and would not contract, which is a condition known as uterine atony, which is likely related to the preeclampsia. At this point, my platelets were also running low so my blood was not clotting. I was re-opened and a D&C performed as a precaution to ensure there were no placenta parts left. Once you see my placenta, you will understand why. It was mangled and the cord was barely hanging on. Had I had a vaginal delivery, things could have gone very differently. I really believe that God intervened.

My placenta. Not anything how it is supposed to look, with the cord barely attached. 
I continued to bleed and lost 2000cc of blood volume, about half of my total blood volume. After two blood transfusions, things started to turn a corner. At this point I was intubated and under general anesthesia. I remember nothing. My uterus was still floppy and so a Bakri balloon was inserted into my uterus to stop the bleeding and I was finally closed back up.

Waking up in PACU, I was super groggy and delirious. During the time I was in surgery, my family cared for Hux. His first meal was a bottle of formula, I would have never guessed that would be how it went, but it did and he did great! They also weren't given much information about me at all. It was a very hard and difficult couple of hours for them. I really feel so lucky to still have my uterus and to be alive. My doctor and the team of nurses really saved my life. Once the surgery got complicated, there were 4 OBs and 2 anesthesiologists caring for me. I owe them everything.

Finally at 7:05pm, I got to hold my sweet baby Hux! My body could barely move, but he melted right into my body. Holding him instantly restored me. Kyle and I finally took our first picture with him. We were all ok.

I will continue the recovery in another post. I am truly so grateful for all of the prayers and support from friends and family from all over the world. In this huge mess of a situation, I am so grateful for everyone and everything.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hux: 1 Month

Wow, what a month it has been! I am STILL working on the birth story and now have my lovely recovery story to share, too. Hux's first month has been quite uneventful for him. We have barely left the house because I have been so sick. Charlotte had been all over by the time she was a month old. You can read her 1 month post here. 

Hux is such a sweet and chill baby! He is quite content and really only cries during his diaper changes and if he is hungry! He's been in his carseat several times and doesn't complain too much! It took three different sessions get his newborn photos done! He did not want to fall asleep! We got some really amazing photos of him (and Char too) and I can't wait to share them. 

Weight: Last Friday, March 9th, he weighed in at 8lbs 6.9oz. 
Diaper Size: While I was in the hospital, he graduated to size 1 diapers! 
Clothing Size: NB and some 0-3 outfits. It's crazy how things that were huge on him are now getting tight!
Eye Color: Blue so far!
Sleeping Habits: He is sleeping pretty well. He sometimes will even put himself to sleep all by himself. He will be awake and then the next thing I know, he has closed his eyes and called asleep.
Adventures this Month: Poor Hux. Due to my health, we haven't done much! He hasn't even been to Target yet. His adventures include going to his doctor's appt, newborn photos, hanging in the parking garage while I was in the ER and going to Mission Ranch for brunch. He's definitely a homebody! 
Visitors: So far Gaga has been here twice, Aunt Ashley and Papa and Grammy visited too! 
Milestones: Taking a bottle like a champ! We switched to Dr. Brown's from the Haberman's nipple, he can lift his head up off of our chest, he follows voices and even made eye contact when I Facetime'd with him. He also smiles in his sleep or when you rub his cheek! 
Favorite Toy: He is taking a paci (same one as Char) and loves snuggling soft blankies.
Looking forward to: Aunt Ashley, Uncle Bob and our cousins come next week to visit! We can't wait! 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Baby Boy's Nautical Nursery

I am so excited to share our Baby Boy's nursery! I think Charlotte's room was done before I was even 20 weeks pregnant with her. Baby's room is the smallest in our home, so it definitely took some creative thinking to get everything to fit! It's cozy, but super cute!

We finally put the finishing touches on the room yesterday (after I had to ask Kyle to move some things on the wall around) Whoops! Hanging projects are one of his least favorite things, but I am so happy with how it all turned out and he did a great job. We just need to get some of his newborn photos printed when he does arrive and we will be good to go!

We moved Charlotte's daybed into his room and I'm so glad we did! Its a great extra spot and this IKEA Hemnes daybed has 3 large storage doors underneath that are amazing for keeping toys, blankets, etc. One of us ends up in here between midnight to 3am when we can't sleep because of snoring! 
The shelf above his table is holding his tiny diapers! 
His dresser is on the smaller size, but it really all that the room allowed. Thankfully boys don't have quite as many accessories as girls, so I think we will be ok. I also got this over the door shoe organizer and it has been an awesome addition to store shoes, bowties, hats, swaddles, etc. 

I was able to repurpose Charlotte's chair from her nursery! My mom cleaned it up while she was out visiting and it looks brand new! This custom nautical pillow from Etsy is one of my favorites in his room!

I've linked up all the items I purchased for his room below:

Crib in Rustic White -Target

Dresser in Rustic White - Target

Crib Bedding (Bumper and Crib Skirt) - Pottery Barn Kids

Anchor Crib Sheet - Amazon

Daybed Bedding - PB Teen

Daybed Accent Pillows- Home Goods

Custom Nautical Flag Pillow - Etsy

Anchor Monogram - Etsy

Wooden Shelves with Rope Accents - Michaels (these were BOGO Free, when I purchased)

Rug - Amazon/ Safavieh

Anchor Lamp - Hobby Lobby

Vintage Map Wood Wall Decor- Hobby Lobby

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Bumpdate: 37 Weeks

Well, we made it to "full term"! Not much to report here, just waiting on baby. Here is my 37 Week Bumpdate with Charlotte. A lot more eventful than this go round. We moved into a different house when Charlotte 10 days old, which was a huge blessing, but I am so happy to not be doing that this time! 

Today I have a doctor's appointment and we will finally check out the hospital and do our pre-registration paperwork, too. Sadly, I've only driven past the hospital, but have no idea where to go when I do go into labor. Once again, second child! 

His room is ready, diaper bag is packed, but still need to finalize our bags for the hospital and Charlotte's bag to go stay with her little friend! We also need to get the car seat installed!

How far along? 37 Weeks
Maternity clothes: Yes and I got to wear dresses over the last week because the weather has been soooo nice!
Total weight gain/loss:  up 15 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight! I've gained more than I did with Charlotte and I'm definitely not making excuses, but I have a high level of amniotic fluid that is also a contributing factor. Normal range is 5-25 and last week I measured at 26! I seriously feel like I am about to pop lol!
Stretch marks? Still none! I thought I had one the other day, but it was an indentation from the tights I was wearing! When I woke up the next day it was gone! Continuing to lather up with lotion!
Sleep? I have sadly started snoring (like really loud). Kyle even has a video recording to prove it! It's so bad and has caused me to pretty much have a permanent sore throat. I definitely am not sleeping well. Up 4-6 times a night to use the bathroom and then not being able to get comfortable. Either Kyle or I have been moving to the baby's room during the night, which makes me SO happy we decided to keep our daybed in there! 
Miss Anything? Moving, walking without feeling like the baby is going to fall out, WINE!
Movement: Yes, lots of movement. 
Food cravings? Girl Scout cookies! Did you know that there are different varieties on the east vs. west coast, also like most things our cookies are more expensive here! Surprise, surprise! 
Gender: Boy! 
Symptoms: Shooting pain down my legs, back pain, my rib isn't as numb constantly which may be a sign he is dropping. 
Belly button in or out? Out!
Wedding rings on or off? On, but tighter. I am definitely swelling a little as some of my shoes feel a little tighter. 
Happy or moody most of the time? Pretty happy knowing the end is in sight!
Worst moment this week:  Not sleeping very well!
Best moment this week: The weather being absolutely amazing and having visitors in town! We had Kyle's best friend Rob and his girlfriend and Kyle's dad simultaneously, but it was a blast and Charlotte loved all the attention! We did some exploring and spent most of our time outside. If the weather was like this all the time, I could handle living here. 
Looking forward to: His arrival! I can't believe we are in the home stretch. This may be the last bumpdate I do!
Labor signs? Things are definitely moving towards that!
Anything making you sick or queasy? Eating too much and getting too full. With all my fluid I already sometimes feel like my stomach is in my throat!
Baby info: He's the size of Swiss chard, weighing in at about 6 1/3 lbs. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Baby Boy's Nautical Shower

All of the ladies! Thanks Gretchen for snapping this photo and taking photos of the shower!
Photo Credits: Captured by Christopherson
Baby Showers are one of my favorite things. Well, really any chance to plan or attend a party is fun for me! My sweet friends in Monterey threw me a baby shower last weekend and it could not have been more perfect! Since I am doing a nautical theme for the baby's room, they followed the same theme for the shower!

We played a few games, including measuring my belly, Don't Say "Baby" and the Candy Diaper game!
Yummy Cookies and Cake by Baked Sweetly by Lizzy Rae! She's the best! 


My favorite flower, Stargazer Lillies

My friend, Morgan, made this adorable diaper motorcycle!

Char made a special appearance and was so excited!
All of the details were so beautiful!

A HUGE thank you to Jessica, Gretchen and Mariam for hosting the shower and to my friends who attended. It meant so much to me! We received some awesome gifts for baby boy and I think we have enough diapers for the first few months!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bumpdate: 35 Weeks

35 Weeks
I was super sad as we were taking my 35 week photo, because I had major pregnancy brain and totally forgot to buy a honeydew for these pics! Such is life and and I decided we wouldn't be retaking them, so no fruit this week! :( 

Here is my 35 week bumpdate with Charlotte. I think I actually look similar in size. If anything, baby boy looks a little more round and more high. 

At this point, I am tired, uncomfortable and complaining a lot. My rib has been numb since Christmas and my upper back has had a constant pain since then as well. I sometimes get a little relief, but inevitably it always comes back. I also was fighting a cold and sore throat over the weekend. With all of that, I am trying to embrace and enjoy the last few weeks of this pregnancy as I may never be pregnant again! Baby boy is super active and I'm just so excited to see his little face! We have a check up today and then I start my weekly appointments. I did have an ultrasound over the weekend for a training exercise. He definitely looks squished in there! 

Little face with his hand up by his eye.

Profile! Looks like he is kissing or blowing bubbles
How far along? 35 weeks 
Total weight gain/loss:  up 12 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight!
Maternity clothes: Yep, it's been chilly too, so just bundling myself up! 
Stretch marks? Still none and I am shocked because it is SO stretched!
Sleep? Sleep hasn't been great. I know that when I have a dream, I must have gotten a decent stretch of sleep in. I've spent a few nights in the baby's room because I couldn't sleep or Kyle was snoring. All preparing me for baby, right? 
Miss Anything? Wine and being able to touch my toes or bend down to reach things without hurting!
Movement: Constantly moving and kicking! 
Food cravings? Love my sugar and sweets, lol! I am obsessed with Double Bubble gum. It has created a bad habit for Charlotte too, she loves gum like her mommy too, but we try to limit it! Anything making you sick or queasy? Public restrooms! YUCK!
Gender: Boy! 
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks and the other day at the grocery store I literally had to stop walking, my breath was taken away several times by what I think was lightening. I think this baby is coming early, but that is just me!
Belly button in or out? Out!
Wedding rings on or off? Still on and still loose!
Happy or moody most of the time? I'll be happy when I can sit up straight in a chair and not be uncomfortable!  
Worst moment this week:  Just being uncomfortable and not able to do my normal duties. I am pretty much always doing something, so to have to stop and lay down because I am in pain is hard for me to accept. 
Best moment this week: Kyle got back from his trip to Florida for his grandfather's funeral and we were able to spend MLK day together as a family!
Looking forward to: My sweet friends are throwing me a baby shower this weekend! I am very excited and grateful for them! 
Baby info: He's the size of a honeydew melon, weighing in at about 5.5 lbs and his kidneys are fully developed now. 
Labor signs? Nothing official yet!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Baby Boy's Nursery Inspiration

When we found out we were having a boy, it didn't take long for me to decide that I wanted to do a nautical nursery! Although, for a split second I did consider a Florida Gator nursery (but more muted and classier than typical Gator decor), but we ultimately decided on nautical.

Like everything with Baby #2, we have gotten a late start on pretty much everything. I feel like he is coming soon, because in the last couple of days I have gone into a hardcore nesting mode. We traveled an hour north to Hobby Lobby on Monday to buy some decor items an I am really happy on how it is coming together.

Sweet boy's room is the smallest in our house, so it took some creative thinking to maximize the space! We moved Charlotte's daybed into the nursery so we would have one extra spot for sleeping for guests and got her a queen size bed for when visitors come, too. I also think the twin size bed will come in handy when I need to camp out in his room so Kyle can get some sleep for school!

The night we found out we were having a boy, I was already pinning crib and nursery ideas on Pinterest. Of course, the husband didn't understand why we needed a different crib, we already had one from Charlotte's room that was waiting to be used again. Don't get me wrong it is a beautiful crib, but just didn't go with my theme and was too girly. We agreed if I could sell it, that I could get a new one and I did! :)

I ordered the most adorable anchor monogram right after Christmas and once that arrives we will finish hanging everything and I will share photos of his room! It has become one of Charlotte's favorite places in our house. She loves going in "baby brother's room" and she has even mastered climbing up into his crib. Yikes! She also puts her dolls to sleep in there. It's really sweet!

I ordered this monogram in Navy blue from this Etsy shop.
I can't believe he will be arriving in about a month! It seems like forever since we have had a baby! If you have any new baby must-have items, please send them my way!